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In June 2023, Netflix hosted a groundbreaking 3-hour global livestream event in tandem with an immersive 3-day experiential convention in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Over 35,000 fans joined on the ground (livestream event + convention), and more than 78 million tuned-in to the livestream to celebrate their love for Netflix and dozens of beloved series and films.

The 3-hour global livestream event was hosted outdoors on a massive stage not far from the convention. Over 11,000 fans attended, with some lining up 13 hours in advance! The event featured over 50 global talent in-person including Chris Hemsworth, Gal Gadot, and Arnold Schwarzenegger, and 59 additional talent through previously taped material including Jenna Ortega, Kevin Hart and international music sensation Anitta. The event experience was enhanced by massive projection mapping (over 170 feet wide by 80 feet high) on the building that hosted the ultra high-resolution LED stage, and wasn’t revealed until the opening sequence. To ensure fans from around the world could tune-in, the show was simulcast in 10 languages across 21 YouTube and 2 Twitter channels.